Friday 14th & Saturday 15th – TEATRE METROPOL (9:30 p.m.)

by Luciano Melchionna (ITALY)

DADP is the first brothel art where the actors are available to the viewer, but protected by the “house rules.” A game between actor and viewer where you decide who you want to make his service. After negotiating the “price” of their work, will take you to a room to give you his pleasure pill.


Become a show event for eight years touring Italy, with more and more followers. An innovative and unconventional piece that hypnotizes you and permites you to attend every day because nothing is the same, everything changes, everything will change.


A show that revolutionized the FITT 2011 and opens with all of the law, the 2017 FITT.

Italian and spanish. 3 h

Golden Graal 2008, for the Idea, for the direction and the best actress.
Premio Napoli Cultural Classic 2012 to the best Italy show.
Premio Notte di note mediterranee – Salento to Luciano Melchionna

+ info about the comany

ARTISTIC TEAM: An idea of Betta Cianchini i Luciano Melchionna.Direction: Luciano Melchionna. Casting: Adelaide Di Bitonto, Adriano Falivene, Emanuele Gabrieli, Emanuela Gabrieli, Carla Petrachi, Raffaele Giglio, Antonio Caddeo, Clio Evans, Gianluca Merolli, Francesco Del Prete, Adele Tirante, Dolores Melodia, Veronica D’Elia, Lorenzo Balducci,Ivan Picciallo, Betta Cianchini, Sandro Stefanini, Enrico Sortini, Joele Anastasi, Federica Carruba Toscano, Sara Esposito. Lights: Gianni Caccia. Sound: Luigi di Martino Production: Ente Teatro Cronaca Vesuvioteatro

“Emotions grow slowly, to increase the beats to blow. The actor broke with you, whether in tears that you would like to wipe or laughter you can not share. ” Cristina Salona. Lecce Zon